Board of Directors

Rita E. Fraiser

Retired Elementary /

Secondary Principal

LeVar Fraiser

Director of Engineering

Shniece Fraiser-Stokes

Executive Director

Gina Fraiser

Mortgage Underwriter

Advisory Board Members


Dr. Claire Lockman Boyce

Retired Principal

Dr. Carl White

Interim Associate Dean

Morgan State University

Ronald L. Moore

Retired Elementary Principal

Shtara Redden

Registered Nurse

The Rita Evonne Fraiser (REF) Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization 501(c) (3) established in 2009.

During Mrs. Fraiser's over 30 years as a decorated science teacher and school administrator in Buffalo, NY she recognized the tremendous need for assistance in her field. While the government continued to tout science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields as important for America's future. School's science programs in her department were continually underfunded thus leading to less interest from her students. Today's there is a shortage of young people majoring in these important technical fields, especially among underrepresented minorities. Now retired, Mrs. Fraiser is attempting to stop the downward trend and to affect change in her new city, Atlanta, GA.

The REF Foundation has developed a strategy to approach the situation from multiple angles by:

  • Boosting school science programs
  • Raising student interest
  • College students will be supported with scholarships, mentors, and leadership training.

The foundation's goal is to surround the spiraling issue and create the leaders of tomorrow.

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